SQLTools 1.42

Front-end database manager for Oracle
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Aleksey Kochetov
SQL console, object editor, database manager and text editor for frontend developers. Works with Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g and 11 g.

SQL Tools is a very robust tool to create databases. This application has gone under many updates so far, and this version includes so many changes and fixes that you will surely find it very interesting. For example, it now performs your queries faster than ever - it does not matter if you have a dial-up or a DSL connection. You can drag and drop items, and highlight your syntax, among the many new other things that you can do with SQL Tools 1.5.

You will find that the syntax analyzer has been redesign with PL7SQL, which makes the interface more functional than ever, and stores the information encrypted in XML files.

They have also added a recycle bin to the "Object list", which is very convenient. Now the user also has a Reference Guide not available in previous versions of SQL Tools.

One of the most outstanding changes is the line limit output. Previously, only 255 characters were allowed, now... up to 4000 characters - a great achievement for all programmers who work with database enquiries.

Just download this free tool and you see how greatly you can benefit from it.

Review summary


  • Many, as for example the extended line limit from 255 to 4000


  • Some fixes need still to be done
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